Asaf Lerman

[lang_de]Asaf Lerman Architect AA dip

Born: 30.10.1969

Education: Architectural Association – RIBA 1+2

Owner of A. Lerman Architect LTD – TLV – Israel

Unit Master at the Bezalel Academy of fine arts & architecture in Jerusalem.

In face of the change in the identity of the architectural patron; from the public onto the private, it is my belief that the relevant architectural brief of our time calls upon the architect to develop tactics of résistance and counter-attack. By questioning the tools & language of privatization my work aims to redefine the role of the architect in the process of space production in-order to reinstate the relevancy of the architectural act. From well known cultural icons onto ordinary and overlooked structures, my practice deals primarily with new and radical transformations of existing buildings seeking to release the original utopian promise of modernism out of the desert of efficiency.[/lang_de]

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